Yep, folks, that would be how many grand kids I had the opportunity to photograph at this session…crazy, yes, but I have to say, what an experience I’ll treasure.  These little critters are SO loved by their grandparents…you could just feel it.  Oh, and I figured out what makes them laugh…you know the bent-over, boisterous, explosion type laugh…allow me to let you in on this photographer trick.  You’ll want to walk backwards looking like you’re trying to get the shot and “pretend” that you stumble into your stool and nearly flip over backwards in front of, oh, say, 20 people or so.  Don’t thank me for disclosing my secret…truly, my treat.  I’ve tried it, well, once, and it works like a charm. 😉

Thanks SO much, Vickie and family, for the opportunity to put this “little” session together…there are a bundle of images to go through…can’t wait for you to see them!

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