SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {don’t mock the hawk…}

For the past couple of years, I have donated a session to the Prickly Pear Land Trust Harvest Moon Auction.  Each year, I’ve been astounded with the generosity people put forth.  Following last years banquet and auction, a very sweet lady with a British accent called to inform me that she purchased my session.  She told me that she has two kids in high school who most likely wouldn’t be looking forward to joining her on this little photo adventure.  I also heard “mohawk” as well as something regarding alternatively colored hair.

So, this year, I talked to this very sweet lady with a British accent again during our visits on preparing this photo session.  She told me that she had casually mentioned to her son that she liked his hair as the mohawk was no longer there.  The mohawk showed up shortly after.  She again mentioned that she didn’t think that her kids were going to be overly cooperative.  Ummmm, I’m not going to lie.  I’m up for challenges but at this point, I had officially stopped even attempting to predict what this session was going to be like.

On the evening of our session, we were set to meet at our location.  We actually nearly arrived to this Helena hiking area at the same time; however, we must have sat for several minutes before realizing we were on opposite sides and finally realizing who each of us were.  She walked up so nicely and we obviously realized we were about to give this session a go.

So, it’s funny really.  In our society, we are so very quick to judge and not understand those who do not share the same interests or passions or dreams as us.  I am guilty as I often find myself up in arms with those who do not appreciate and have a crazy passion for photographic images that show emotion and actual feelings.  This is because I am dancing in my own little world and truly thinking to myself, “What is wrong with those people?”  On the other hand, I really am not much of a fan of one particular musician whom many people completely adore.  This is where his fans would be questioning what is wrong with me.  We are each so very different with just as many different interests, passions, and dreams, none of which are more important, superior, or valuable than the other.  With all this said, it seems it really is about what makes us happy, isn’t it?

On a side note to take this further, admittedly, it is of my opinion that within ones interests, passions, and dreams, there be a portion reserved as a contribution or gift to others.  For example, I have a passion for photography yet I also feel that it is a gift I get to give to others.  This follows suit with the entertainer, the baker, the artist, the mechanic, and yes, the friendly person at the coffee house that makes people smile.

I tell you all this because with this session, it took no time at all to see more than a “mohawk” and a “style” with this crew.   What I saw was a mother who adores her kids, supports them through and through, and truly accepts them for being exactly who they are.  I saw two people who love and respect their mother and exhibit an impeccable comfort level around her as they have no question they are supported and encouraged through and through.  They are all intelligent, respectful, and funny and the love they share for each other is blatant.  I saw interests, passions, and dreams that couldn’t be further different than my own, yet they were surely evident and most certainly as strong.  I laughed through and through with this session and when it was all over, I walked away saying to myself, “They’re all pretty stinkin’ cute together.”

Yes, someone seems to be attached to his shoes (when all else fails, use duct tape).  Oh, and Mr. A, you’ll notice that your shirt is altered a bit…I’m sure you understand as I operate a G rated family blog over here. 😉

THANK YOU “S” family…you guys did great and were a ton of fun to watch!

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