SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {cleaning house…}

Okay, so this week was the week that I would FINALLY update my website.  The poor, poor website…so very negected.  Just in case you haven’t been over there lately because you’ve been sweeping drool off of your chin each time you do, well, yes, it’s finally updated!  Check it out!

As for what else is happening in this little world of mine, I’ve had a little birthday planning on the mind.  I know, it’s a couple months away but the big “5” is coming up and it’s never too early to start thinking about something snazzy.  The theme request has been “Taylor Swift.”  Eek…no idea on this one.  Even better, I asked where she would like to have her party.  I’m really not entirely sure where this came from but the response was “Taco del Mars.”  I couldn’t help but giggle.  One, again, no idea how she thought of that and two, loved how it was “Mars” instead of Mar.  See why I need to start thinking about this stuff early??!  A Taylor Swift party at Taco del “Mars.”  Hmmmm….

For those who follow the blog (yes, both of you) and what I do, you know that I take a very limited number of session each month.  How else would I have time to write about birthday parties and stories about pretty much nothing???  Anyway, I have a bit of a newborn bug and I get to fulfill it in about a week as we hit the road to go take pics of my sister-in-law’s new baby girl.  I’m looking forward to it and also hoping to be able to wash my hands of any newborn craving as I exit.  Surely, that shouldn’t be a problem, right???  Oh, wait, midnight feedings, bags under eyes, hallucinations, inconsolable sobbing (okay, just mine), etc….yeah, I’m good.  I’m quite certain Little Buddy is meant to be the baby in our family.

So, it was like -5 degrees today for the high.  Yeah, the high.  Pretty much seals your nostrils together if you go outside.  I also found long ago that those temperatures can solidify drool created from a fire ball jawbreaker.  Random thought, I know, but when I was a kid, I would go to the nearby park to get on the bus to go to school and I can seriously still remember this kid (whom my dad would teasingly say was my boyfriend) with one or sometimes two fire balls in his mouth, wedged between his cheek and his teeth and a steady stream of fireball “juice” streaming down the corners.  Frozen on the cold days.  Isn’t that funny?  Fireballs in the morning?!  Surely a dentists dream…

Anyway, enough gab, I figured I would share some more newborn shots from this session since we’ve been talking newborns.  Hope everyone is enjoying 2010!!





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