Now, this little cute family has been with me from the beginning, the VERY beginning.  They can’t go further back as they were the very first for me.  It has been three years and I can still remember plain as day where I was when I offered to take these little girlies’ pictures.  I knew that I would have to start somewhere and looking back, I know I was nervous with this offer.  Ah heck, I have to admit I STILL get nervous with my sessions!! 😉  So, here we are three years later with me talking this crew into looking lovely in some of Butte, Montana’s finest neighborhoods.  I think they had their doubts when we showed up here.  And awwwwwe, let’s not forget the sweet aroma of burning chemicals near by.  I only scope out the best for my sessions.  They’re troopers though and come to find out, I think they WERE putting their best game faces on!

O Family – I can’t thank you enough for your continued support with this crazy ride I’m on…you guys have been the best!  Hope you like what you see – I had a blast spending the morning with you!

This little girlie is going to be seeing a birthday in three days (six going on twenty-six!) – this one’s for you girl! 🙂

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