Dear friends,

It is indeed the week of Thanksgiving…where expressions of gratitude splash in front of our faces on a daily basis in quantities where even the most resilient and gifted are unable to process and truly absorb each and every single individual declaration.  We’re seeing it on television, we see it in print, Facebook, our children’s writings from school, our church, pod casts, advertisements, morning radio, your neighbor, or even the lady next in line at TJ Max on the phone expressing her gratitude to some lucky individual because you know, she is so stinkin’ thankful for the cute little cornucopia on her acrylic nails that is just so very detailed and FULL of color…hal-le-lu-iah!

SO, you ask yourself, “Why must I take a moment to read this??  Yet another expression of gratitude…”  And to that, I answer…(hmmmmmmm, brace yourself)…

I answer… “Because this is simple.”

Yeah, Simplicity…something we all could use a little more of, yeah??

I’m certainly not too pompous to admit that I indeed have had bouts with self-involvement, envy, unhappiness, and the desire for acceptance and validation.  I think these feelings meander amongst many of us at various times in their lives.  So, what happens if for a moment, we push all of that to the side and just relieve ourselves of all of that weight?  What is left?  Turns out, we’re left with nothing but the pure solidarity of one’s self.  Just YOU.  Just you reflecting on what is most important in your life.  Sure does seem to bring your blessings to the surface, doesn’t it?  At times, we get so very self-involved that we forget to step outside and peer in and allow ourselves to recognize the incredible moments that are in front of us each and every day.  With my eyes up to that particular window, it doesn’t take all that long to figure out that the blessings in MY life are so very simple yet they sure do carry the most weight.  It’s just important to tackle those barriers that can hide those blessings at times.

Today, for the record, I’m simply thankful for life.  MY life.  It’s a keeper.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still thankful for other things like Mr. Holiday Catalog Distributor, a pair of jeans that fit, a chilly Scottish ale, and those microwaveable seat warmers from Costco.  It’s just THIS year is different.  I want nothing but to enjoy my family, tell Mr. Hatten that I love him, and to simply hold my kiddos even just a little bit tighter.

On a note of gratitude, I have a feeling that this particular family isn’t looking too far to find something to be thankful for.  They get to be home this Thanksgiving…together.  And these parents get to hold two healthy kiddos.  THAT is a blessing.

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