Gosh, as I sit here and begin to write a little something, I can’t help but be a little surprised at the emotion that I feel building.  On multiple levels, I can’t help but feel a warmth in my heart and a feeling of sheer gratitude and appreciation with the opportunity to get to be the one behind the lens watching this family.

Looking back at the few short years of my photography endeavors, in my heart, there is one session at the very, very beginning that I feel really served as a kickoff of how I wished to be defined.  The goal that I had then is the same goal that I have today and it is to photograph people’s feelings.  After meeting this mother (of two at the time), I had offered to take her girls photos at an alfalfa field outside of town.  This was about three years ago and little did I know, I was about to embark upon my first photo session that really nudged up upon the road toward my goal.  It was after this particular session, I found myself striving harder and digging deeper in my efforts at trying to capture images that would have enough depth to be able to make someone actually reflect upon a certain emotion or feeling.  I’m finding that as a “creative,” I will never actually reach my goal or be satisfied and I suppose, it is of this essence that keeps us continually striving for better of ourselves.  Yet another reminder of life being about the journey rather than the destination.  Regardless of the endless route toward my goals, I can always reflect upon this session nearly three years ago as fundamental with being where I am today, which, for that, I’m simply grateful.

Since our last meeting, this particular family has gained another two beautiful girls with all of them now ranging between 1 and 6 years old.  I couldn’t help but get lost in the family dynamics and the appearance of ease that this crew portrays.  Yes, there are meltdowns, there are grumpy feelings, and all the “normal” behaviors of little girls of these ages; however, it is the acceptance, patience, and love that is exhibited with these traits that has me stepped back in awe.  This family of six operates more smoothly than some of those without kids at all.  Oh, and for the record, they showed up early to our early morning shoot outside of town…that in itself is worth noting and admiring.

So, I title this post “a gift” because when I was thinking about this post, “a gift” were the first words that came to my head when I thought of how I would describe this mother of four.  I know she feels that her family, her friends, and her general surroundings are a gift to her but in actuality, she is a gift as well.  She is one person whom in various circles of friends, EVERYONE knows who she is.  While she is most certainly human with the ups and downs associated, she exhibits and exudes pure joy, which is infectious.  People love to surround themselves with people who make them feel happy and cared for and it is for these reasons and core characteristics that she has blessed her family, friends, and surroundings.  She is indeed a gift.

Mrs. H, a huge thanks to you and your family for going for it this year…what a fun ride!  Here’s a small glimpse of what I saw…can’t wait to show you more!

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