Frequently Asked Questions

Do you photograph weddings?
At this time, I do not take on weddings.  While I know that I would love to throw myself into a wedding or two, the time commitment necessary just isn’t possible for me currently.  Sticking with lifestyle portraiture for now! 🙂  Even though weddings aren’t in the cards, I do offer engagement/couple sessions, which I love.

How do I go about booking a photo session?
In 2012, I began to book my photo sessions in a new manner.  On a particular day in the late spring (usually April), I open my books up in the morning to schedule my sessions on a first-come, first-served basis.  The best way to know the day that this will occur is to become a fan of my Facebook page or email me to request notification.  In 2012, all of my sessions were spoken for within the first half-hour of opening my books.

Why do you book your sessions this way?
It keeps things organized and it also keeps a level playing field.  AND, it keeps my memory in check!

From start to finish, how long of a process is a custom family portrait session?
Not SUPER quick, but certainly worth the time investment.

A typical session time frame looks like this:

  • up to a month of discussions on planning an preparing for the session.
  • 1-3 hour photo session
  • Up to 3 weeks after the session, I send a password to view your on-line gallery of images.
  • 1-4 weeks of the ordering process.  I offer a variety of custom products, which require design work and review/revisions.
  • Typically 2 weeks to receive the final goods.

How much does a photo session cost?
See here.

What should I wear to our photo session?
Approximately one month before our session, I will provide you with a welcome packet that discusses all of the logistics of our session, including ‘what to wear.’

What is a lifestyle newborn photo session and how do I get into the schedule when I don’t know the birth date?
A lifestyle newborn session is quite simply ‘lifestyle.’  Yes, I have taken images in the past that involve a whole lot of curling of newborns on various types of backdrops; however, this is not what I have found the most gratification in.  Now that I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on what I would most certainly cherish as a mom, it isn’t those particular images of my newborn curled up on something foreign, it is the image of my newborn within my embrace.  It is the image of an entire scene, the scene that soon changes.  It is the image that allows me to remember exactly how it felt to hold my baby upon my chest.  THIS is a lifestyle newborn session and THIS is what I plan to provide my clients.

When reserving a photo session, just let me know the estimated due date and I can then make sure I reserve enough time near that date.  Once the baby is born, contact me as soon as possible to set up our session date.  Because newborns change so very rapidly, it’s important that we hold our newborn session within the first 10 days of birth.  Because of my limited schedule, it is really important to reserve a lifestyle newborn session very early.

Do you offer a ‘baby plan’ where you take on several sessions during an entire first year?
Unfortunately, I do not.  Let me first say, I LOVE to take on photo sessions of babies…especially when they are 8 months old to one year.  However; when it comes to 4 to 5 mini-sessions during the year, I just can’t.  With my limited session availability, my schedule doesn’t allow for these types of mini-sessions at this time.  I have a perfectionist personality…I rarely can find a way to provide less than a full session.

Can you photograph our family reunion or birthday party?
While, yes, I’m certain that this could be a whole lot of fun, I do not offer event photography.  I specialize in lifestyle photo sessions for members of the same immediate family…no multiple or extended family sessions.

Do you offer any classes to help me take better pictures?
I, personally, am always striving to learn more and don’t consider myself an expert so no, not at this time.

How did you become a photographer?
I caught the bug and studied and studied and practiced and practiced.  Still studying and practicing…

Can I purchase an image CD with all of the digital images from our session?
Yes, I do offer options to purchase all of the digital images.  I also provide instructions and a recommended lab for printing your images.

I would like to have Christmas cards or senior announcements created.  Do you do this?
Yes!  I do offer this service, which has become increasingly popular.  I have a large selection of cards and announcements that I have created in the past, mostly custom created to specifically cater to showcasing your images.

Why don’t you book more sessions during the year?Well, I’m SO glad you asked that question!  Not a short answer here so I saved it for the end.  There are a few reasons really.  First, I’m a mom of two kiddos and my priorities certainly reside with what is best for them and our Hatten crew.  They are at young and AMAZING ages right now and at the end of the day, NOTHING means more to me than making sure I was the best mom I could be.  Second, this little photography passion of mine isn’t the only horse in this rodeo.  I have a ‘grown-up’ job as well.  I work half-time as an environmental engineer for the State of Montana.  There, I said it.  Since beginning this whole endeavor, I’ve really kept it on the down low because I’ve had some concerns that I wouldn’t be taken as seriously as a photographer.  I’ve had reservations in that this passion would be only viewed as a hobby and not one that I’ve committed my heart to for a few years now.  I’ve been asked repetitively this question: “When will you be quitting your engineering job?”  The jury is out on this one.  It works for our family right now so maybe never.  Who knows?  It’s a balancing act every day.  Which, leads me to answer the original question.  I don’t book more sessions during the year because I’m a mom of two, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an engineer, a photography business owner, a 2nd-grade basketball and volleyball coach, a mini-van driving taxi driver, a chef, a house-keeper, a church-goer, a reader, and a school volunteer.  To name a few. 😉  In the end, what does this mean?  It means I’m as committed as I’ve always been in my quest to create photographic art that surfaces some feelings.  Because, really…what good is a photograph of a moment if it doesn’t make you feel that moment again?