Client Proofing

Hello, hello, good friend.  I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am to show you what is behind this curtain.  Bursting at the seams, I say…in a healthy way, of course.  If it is a session you’ve been sent to view, you’ll want to click on the pertinent link below and fill in the password.  Hope you smile as much as I did.  Cheers!

Oh, and as a general reminder, this is my art and my investment into this product spans not only in the time committed to each individual session but the years committed to developing this passion.  99% of the time, this is not an issue but as a general note to all of my clients, I ask that my images not be copied off of my site.  Makes me sad and weepy…and that’s no fun for anyone. 

  1. “B” Family Session, September 2015
  2. “J” Family Session, September 2015
  3. “M” Family Session, October 2015
  4. “F” Family Session, October 2015
  5. “R” Family Session, October 2015
  6. “S” Family Session, October 2015
  7. “S” Family/Newborn Session, November 2015
  8. “P” Family/Newborn Session, November 2015